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Bozov Style Ltd. aesthetics and style, harmony and quality.

Your partner in preserving traditions and searching for new forms of Bulgarian folklore.

What Bozov Style Ltd will offer?

  • Making wide variety of Bulgarian folk costumes divided in group by ethnographic regions in Bulgaria  (we preserve the authentic cut and embroidery and we manage to lighter models in accordance with their future use)
  • fulfill orders in quick time
  • extreme flexibility in accordance to your needs and requirements


Magic happens and it comes from the costumes produced by Bozov Style Ltd.

You'll find it in harmony of patterns, in a blaze of gold, coins and beads, in whimsical shapes depicted by braids and laces. Harmonious combination of colors and shapes, perfect cut, high-quality fabrics, unique patterns of ornaments.

This is your idea, desire and dream of the costume you'd like to have.
Bozov Style Ltd. together with its team of professionals will make your dream come true.


What makes our costumes special and recognizable?

  • They do not have a template

Costumes have one main purpose:  to represent the beauty of the original bulgarian folk costumes. Our costumes keep the main feature of the original ones but also they are made much more beautiful and colorful.

  • Art details in them

We insist our costumes to be distinguish by the art details in them even that they are identical to original ones in its essential features. Each of our costumes reveals not only national aesthetic traditions, but also represent customers’ personal taste and gift of his craftsmen.

  • The nature of the material:

We work with natural materials that exhibit strong resistance to external influences. The company works exclusively with high quality materials specifically designed by the manufacturer for making folk costumes.

  • Wealth of ornaments

Our customers can choose fine embroidery ornaments with delicate shapes and bright colors; embroidery motifs designed by themes and by colors.

  • Brightness of colors

With our team of professionals we strive to enrich the range of colors and to create new and various color combinations with artistic flair and taste, but without going beyond ethnic style of Bulgarian arts.

  • Elegance of forms

In many of our costumes you can renovation of old forms with new more progressive forms.  We try to update the costumes without losing their ethnic character and local colors. Regarding the details of the cut you can also see much variety.

  • Richness of the decorations

Particularly distinguish is the Rodopean man costume with Bozova Aba with black braids

Through various combinations of indicators:

  • nature and treatment of the material
  • Techniques
  • substance
  • stylization
  • design
  • composition    
  • coloring
  • location          


We strive to create unique costumes with high artistic qualities which are comfortable and which may impress you.  




Bozov Style Ltd made also:

  • Rebel and Guard uniforms
  • Flags and banners
  • Uniforms for staff
  • Rehearsal Folklore clothing

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